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Handy URLs

Handy URLs

At The Scene of an Accident
ABC: The Origins of the Alphabet
Acronym and Abbreviation Finder
Address Verifier: QAS Address/Zip Code Verification Tool
Addresses/Phone Numbers: Free People Search/Online White Pages
Airshow, Edwards AFB 2005: Highlights
The Area Decoder: Great Area Code/Country Code Lookup Tool
CallerSmart: Reverse Phone Lookups
Area Code: Use Zip Code to Find
Area Code/Zip Code Lookup Tools
Astronomy and Space Resources
Ashland Mountain House B&B

BASIC IsNot Patent Story
Benjamin Franklin Effect, The
Berg, Brian: Danish Photographer (not me)
Book Cover site
Bridge, Carquinez Strait (near San Francisco, California, USA)
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: old post cards
Bridge: Millau Viaduct, France (World's Tallest Bridge)
Bridge, Oresund: fixed link between Denmark and Sweden
Bridge, Sundial: Redding, California, USA
Bridge, Tacoma Narrows: new bridge (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
Bridge, Tacoma Narrows: traffic webcam (Tacoma, Washington, USA)
Bridges: Scenic Railings
British History Online
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom: UK Stamps with his bridges and other engineering feats
Burning Man 2002
Burning Man 2002: Panorama Photos

Calculator: Google Keyboard
California Coastal Records Project: Aerial coastal photos
Canadian Postal Code Lookup Tool
Clock: Astronomical Clock of Besançon, France
Comet Pages of Paul Summers
Chidester, Wendy: Fine Art
Computer History: The Legendary IBM 1401
Computer, Heath Robinson Rube Goldberg (HRRG)
Country Code Domain Name Suffixes
Country Code/Area Code Telephone Lookup Tool
Country Name Changes
Cray, Seymour: Gordon Bell lecture slides
Cryonics: Ralph Merkle's page

DAPlus: White Pages, Yellow Pages, Reverse Phone Search
Database Nation: The Death of Privacy in the 21st Century
Deja News
Dictionaries, All About
Dictionary: Computing
Dictionary of Information Technology (ANSDIT)
Dictionary: Merriam-Webster
Dictionary of Dictionaries
DNS Stuff: DNS lookup for whois, email addresses, etc.
Domain Names, Top Level: incl. Country Codes
DSL Lookup Service

Earth View: Nighttime view of North America
Earth Art with Google Maps
Earthlights: Nighttime view of Earth
Earthquake Information: USGS
Earthquakes: USGS NSMP
Eclipse, Partial: over Golden Gate Bridge
Electrical Equations
Embedded Insight: Newsletter archives
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
Encyclopaedia Britannica's Internet Guide
Engelbart, Douglas: Bootstrap Institute
Engineering Catalogs online
English-language Novels: Top 100
Everest Cyber Cafe: Linking Everest
Expert Witness: Rich Cooper
Expert Witness Directory: ALM Experts
Expert Witness Directory: Bar Association of San Francisco
Expert Witness Directory:
Expert Witness Directory: JurisPro
Expert Witness Directory: National Directory of Expert Witnesses
Expert Witness Directory: SEAK

F-18 passing through the Sound Barrier (MPEG video)
Farber, Dave, U. of PA: Secure All-Optical Internet of 2010 - Key open research questions (195 MB)
FBI: Freedom of Information Act
Festival At The Edge, Shropshire, England
File Name Extensions: Windows/OS2/Apple/UNIX
File Types based on Name Extension
Foo: Etymology
Foreign Language Dictionaries and Translators
Foreign Language Translation: Free Services Forensic Science Degrees
Freeway Construction: New 237/880 Interchange
Furby Autopsy

Geektools: Domain Registration, Spam Tools, etc.
Get out of the way: John Levy Blog
Gehry, Frank: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao
GlobeXplorer Viewer: View any spot on Earth
Glossary of Legal Terms
Great Books Online
GPS: How it Works

HD Tune: Hard Disk Tuning and Info Utility
SpeedFan: Hard Disk Info Utility
HomePNA: Home Phoneline Netw. Alliance
Hubble Heritage Project
Hubble Space Telescope: Decade of Discovery
Hubble Space Telescope: Photo Show
Hurricane Mitch: 27-Oct-98
Hypercar: Rocky Mountain Institute

IEEE CNSV: IEEE Consultants' Network of Silicon Valley
Intel Search Engine
Intellectual Property Network (Delphion, formerly IBM)
Intellectual Property Research (Franklin Pierce Law Center)
Intergraph v. Intel court brief
Int'l. Codes: Telephone, Internet, Currency
Int'l. Postal Code Formats
Int'l. Space Station Sighting Information
Int'l. Telephone Directories and Locator Tools
Internet 800 Directory
Internet's Undersea World
Internet Archive: The Wayback Machine
Internet History: NetHistory
Internet Mapping Project
Internet Service Providers Buyer's Guide
Internet Service Providers Directory
IP Addressing Explained
ISBN Book Lookup
ITC: Active Investigations

JavaScript Tutorial: Learn the Basics
JavaScript Tutorial
Jobs, Steve: John Sculley Interview
JPL History Lesson
Julian and Gregorian Calendars
Julian Day Numbers

Kalakala: Seattle's Art Deco Ferry
Gary Kildall: Gravesite

Labyrinths: Grace Cathedral and elsewhere
Laptop Hard Disk Pin 1 Location
"Large" convention for Kilobytes, etc.
Law Topic Resource: Duree Law Firm
Lawyer Locator: Martin-Hubbell
Legal Term Definitions
License Plate Contest Winners
License Plates, Geekiest
Linux Documentation Project
Linux: High-Availability project
LinuxDevices: Embedded Linux Portal
Linux: SGI Open Source 1.1
London: 360-Degree Panorama View
Long Now Foundation
Lunar Perigee and Apogee Calculator Online Map Library
Mars Home Page: NASA
Mars, Venus, etc. Home Pages: Ultimax Group
Mars Missions: News and Info
Mars VR: Pathfinder Tribute
Math: Fibonacci Numbers and Nature Math site
McCarthy, John: Sustainability of Human Progress
Microsoft 1978
Modern Microprocesors: A 90-Minute Guide
Microsoft Tool to Remove Hidden Data from Word, Excel, PPT Files
Mongolia: Getting on the Internet
Julia Morgan, Architect: Biography
Movie Technology History: American WideScreen Museum
Mug Shots
Music: Frank's Vinyl Museum of Weird Records
Music of the Spheres: Lick Observatory concerts

Northern Lights photos from Iceland
NASA Earth Observing System Satellite Terra
NASA SeaWIFS Satellite Photos
New York City-CNES/SPOT Image 2001: 911-01
New York City/Pentagon: Space Imaging Gallery
Nomadic Research Labs
NT Insider: Windows Developer newsletter from OSR

Office Museum, Early
Orwell, George: Politics and the English Language (1946)

PACER: Public Access to Court Electronic Records
PATCA: Professional and Technical Consultants Association
Patent Search Cornucopia
Perl interpreted Language
PGP: International Home Page
PhD Thesis Draft-Ian Goldberg: A Pseudonymous Communications Infrastructure for the Internet
Philatelic Information: USPS
PHP Tutorial
Pine FAQ
Pitcairn Island Website
Plan 9 OS: Free Bell Labs Download
Planetary Photojournal: NASA Images
Pop History Now
Potato Battery
President's Information Technology Advisory Committee
Prior Art: Viola Web Browser
Punctuation, The Future of

Radio, History of
Radio Station Directory: Web Broadcasters
ResearchIndex: Scientific Literature Digital Library
Ritchie, Dennis M.: Home Page
Rockwell Automation spoof video

San Francisco in Jello
San Francisco Bay Wind Patterns
San Francisco Giants' Pac Bell Park photo
Saratoga Weather site
Satellite Tracking Emails: J-Pass Generator
Send This File: free ftp-like site for big files
You Send It: free ftp-like site for big files
SGI Freeware
Shoreline Amphitheatre Seating Chart
Silicon Zoo: Chip Mask Artwork
Sistine Chapel: 360 degree view
Ski and Snowboard Info
Slang and Colloquialisms in the U.K.
sodaconstructor animation
Space News: daily reports
Space Photos
Spam: History of the word
SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis): original Laurence W. Nagel paper
SPICE2: Laurence W. Nagel dissertation
SR-71: Photos and Memories
Stanford EE380 CSL Colloquium
A Star is Born in Eagle Nebula (M16)
Star Wars: Episode IV in ASCII: telnet
Starship Millennium Voyage
Sun Solaris SPARC Freeware
Top 500 Supercomputer Sites
Sysinternals Freeware: Windows Utilities and Information

T33 Trainer Classic Photo
Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, CA
Telephone Book: Reverse Lookup
TeraGrid: U.S.-wide Computing Fabric
TerraServer: Find a Spot on Earth
US Government SANs, including TerraServer
TerraServer: Jim Warren's House
Roget's Thesaurus
Thesaurus: Visual Thesaurus
Time Zones: Current Time Around the World
Topo Map of Western U.S.
Top 500 Supercomputer Sites
Traffic Information for San Jose
Trains: Bay Area Garden Railway Society (BAGRS)
Transit of Mercury: 7 May 2003
Transit of Venus: John Walker photos
Transit of Venus: Univ. of Utrecht movies
Transportation Issues: Mr. Roadshow
Typewriters: Antiques

U.S. Dept. of Commerce Information
U.S. House of Representatives Lookup Tool
U.S. ITC: Sec. 337 IP Infringement & Unfair Import Investigations
U.S. ITC News Releases by Year
U.S. in CIA's World Factbook
USB Write Blocker program for Windows with SP2

Valley People: online zine
Vi in a Browser Window
Visual File Information (VFI.EXE Build Exports correctly
Videos: StupidVideos
Virage: Audio Cataloging and Analysis
Virtual Private Networking Primer
Virtual Reality Camera

W3C HTML Validation Service
Walker, John: Home Page
Warren, Jim: NY Times Article
Weather Radar for SF Bay Area
Web Camera: Seattle/Puget Sound
Webby Awards
Web Mining: The Mining Co.
Web Searching: Bay Area Yellow Pages
Web Server: Matchbox size
Web Server: Match size
Web Site Garage
Wharton, John: NY Times Article
Whois search on DNS Stuff Domain Name Search
Whois Domain Name Search:
Whole Earth Catalog: Electronic Edition (1968)
Win32 Scripting
Windows Live Local (Virtual Earth)
Windows Media Player Classic, and other older programs
Windows RG
Windows XP SP2 Support Tools (but bad VFI.EXE)
Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools, incl. Visual File Information (but bad VFI.EXE)
Windows XP PowerToys, incl. Photo Resizer
WinHEC 2003 Conference Papers
WinHEC 2002 Conference Papers
Word Documents, Minimizing Metadata in
Worldmapper: Maps sized based on various topics
World Sunlight Mapper
World Wide Words

Xerox Star: Its Contributions and Downfall
XML: Extensible Markup Language

Yosemite Valley webcam
Yosemite Falls webcam
YouSendIt: free ftp-like site for big files
SendThisFile: free ftp-like site for big files

Zeppelin photos (see Airship Ventures)
ZipCodeWorld: Zip Code Lookup Tool
Zip+4 Code: USPS Lookup Tool
Zip Code Verifier: QAS Address/Zip Code Verification Tool
Zip Code and Address: USPS Tools
Zip Code/Area Code Lookup Tools